How to use visualisation techniques

Today I wanted to share with you the first in a series of personal development video coaching.

Each video offers a thought for the day about empowering yourself to balance your mindset.

The first in the series is about how we can develop our resilience. Subscribe to my channel, Only One Life to get updates of new videos published.

In this video, I encourage you to consider symbols of resilience found in nature.

Within the first 5-7 years of its life, a lobster may shed its shell up to 25 times.

With each shedding, the lobster grows, and the number of sheds decreases. Through this process, lobsters can regenerate lost limbs, eyes and antennae.

Think about this as an analogy for resilience: you can shed your negative thoughts or your ‘shell’ and grow again, even replacing your thoughts for new and positive ideas.

You may have to do this a few times until you have practised the skill or the evolutionary process of survival, and then you can continue to grow as a person.

Face your fears, you are likely to survive, and with practice you will become stronger and more resilient.

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