My personal development books.

My personal development books, Crossing the Rubicon, and Mindset: Thought Experiments for a Teenage Life are a guides for navigating life’s journey using the framework of virtues found in ancient and modern day philosophies.

Both books offer practical strategies to structure our lives around the virtues of compassion, gratitude, acceptance, accurate perspective and positivity, so that our mind sets can be managed effectively.

The books place the reader on a clear journey of self-discovery, self-realisation and self-development.

Crossing the Rubicon is available as a paperback , Kindle eBook and as an audio book on Audible and iTunes

It is empowering to believe and accept that the power to change your outlook and life is in your hands.

Why Crossing the Rubicon?

The title of this book, Crossing the Rubicon, relates to the idea of taking a path to pass the point of no return. The Rubicon was the name of a river that flowed through northern Italy.


In 49 BC, Julius Caesar, with his army, crossed the Rubicon. The river was significant because it marked the boundary between Italy and the provinces. Julius Caesar was governor of Gaul, part of modern-day France but he wanted to declare war on his own homeland and become the ruler of a much larger empire.


As he crossed the river, Caesar exclaimed, ‘alea iacta est’ or ‘the die is cast’. The crossing of the river marked the beginning of a civil war that would last for five years. Caesar ruled over the Roman Empire until his death in 44 BC. ‘To cross the Rubicon’ therefore has symbolic meaning as it implies taking a risk, taking the plunge to take massive action when faced with a choice or a crossroads. Caesar could have remained in Gaul forfeiting his power to his Roman enemies or cross the Rubicon into Italy and declare war. Clearly, he chose a more challenging path, but it was one which brought him closer to his goals and values.


Once I had made the decision to change my thinking and therefore change my life, I crossed my own Rubicon. I committed to taking a path previously untravelled by me, never to return. I practise daily the building of my mind around the values or virtues of acceptance, gratitude, compassion, accurate perception and positivity.


There is a Rubicon that we all must cross at some point in our lives. Change is inevitable and desirable. This is why I chose this title for my book.



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